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Updated January 2, 2022, by the BC Weed Delivery Team


Port Moody, British Columbia, is one of the most fantastic places in Canada to find high-quality marijuana. Finding reputable marijuana dispensaries and weed delivery in Port Moody has never been easier now that cannabis is legalized. 


BC Weed Delivery believes it should be easy to source your cannabis. We’ve curated a comprehensive guide to the best-rated cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services in Port Moody. Check out our site to compare business overviews, customer ratings, inventory, prices, and more. You can shop for marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, CBD, shrooms, and lots more in Port Moody. BC Weed Delivery will help you get started.

First Off, How Do You Buy Weed In Port Moody, BC? Marijuana Dispensary Vs Cannabis Delivery

You might have a neighbourhood weed dispensary in Port Moody, but the closest shop isn’t always the best. First, figure out if you need medical or recreational weed. You need to determine this before you buy weed in Port Moody. Next, decide between a few different shopping experiences. You can use an online cannabis dispensary in Port Moody, visit a traditional weed store in Port Moody, or opt for same-day weed delivery Port Moody for the quickest service. Learn more about each service to make the decision easier.



marijuana dispensary in Port Moody is a physical store selling cannabis and similar products. People also use the word “dispensary” to describe other types of shops, but the original meaning refers to a brick-and-mortar storefront full of physical inventory. You can find a range of lab-tested products when you visit this type of marijuana store in Port Moody. 



Modern herb lovers aren’t bound by the local weed products. You can now explore endless options with mail-order marijuana in Port Moody. Companies like Daily Marijuana operate just like other kinds of online shops you’ve tried. Simply place a secure order online, then wait for Canada Post to arrive with the goods. Your wait time for mail order cannabis delivery in Port Moody should be a few business days in most cases. 



When you want to buy weed in Port Moody and don’t want to wait, there’s nothing more convenient than using a same-day cannabis delivery service. Some businesses have a vast inventory of popular products, plus lightning-fast delivery services. Just make an order. Your Port Moody same-day weed delivery goods will be at your door in a few hours, if not sooner. 



If you use marijuana to treat a physical, mental, or emotional condition, you can see a real doctor at a medical cannabis clinic. Just bring your medical marijuana card to start treatment. Medical clinics are great options for people who need them. Of course, if you don’t want to get a license, you can always turn to a top-rated recreational pot instead. Recreational weed consistently performs as well as—or even better than—medical pot, so it’s still a great option. 


What Products Are Offered?

There are many products to try when using weed delivery in Port Moody. Any reputable weed dispensary in Port Moody is practically guaranteed to offer cannabis flowers, weed edibles, concentrates, CBD, shrooms, and more. Check out the following products to see what you’ll find at a weed store in Port Moody. 



Marijuana flowers are the most traditional way of enjoying weed, and they’re also the most popular among people who use cannabis delivery in Port Moody. You can find Indica, Sativa, and hybrid buds at a wide variety of price points. So save big on budget buds, or make a splash with top-shelf flowers. You should also see if your favourite cannabis store in Port Moody offers deals like bulk pricing when it’s time to stock up.


Cannabis extracts are innovative THC products worth a look the next time you buy weed in Port Moody. Also known as pot concentrates, these products pack high amounts of THC into a small product. Concentrates are ideal for experienced users since they’re powerful. Also, look for hash, budder, shatter, terp sauce, oil, and more when using weed delivery in Port Moody. 



Delicious weed edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis and sweets simultaneously. You can find a range of food and beverage options when you buy cannabis in Port Moody. Fan-favourites include weed gummies, chocolates, brownies, cookies, and tea. 



CBD is an active compound found in marijuana with a range of therapeutic, anti-inflammatory properties. CBD won’t get you high, but it can help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and more. You can source CBD products via same-day weed delivery Port Moody services. Look for CBD gummies, oils, vapes, tinctures, isolates, topical products, and other varieties at your favourite marijuana store in Port Moody.



Shrooms, aka magic mushrooms, are also available for weed delivery in Port Moody. Shrooms are full of naturally-occurring psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that generates intense spiritual experiences. Try it for yourself using dried and fresh mushrooms plus psilocybin chocolates, capsules, candies, teas, and more.


Whats So Great About Medical And Recreational Marijuana In Port Moody?

Port Moody is developing quite a reputation among the BC cannabis community. Port Moody makes it easy to source your favourite products thanks to top-quality dispensaries, fun products, and incredible prices. Port Moody residents are also familiar with the proven therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Marijuana is clinically shown to improve many medical conditions such as vision problems, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, and more. 

We look forward to learning even more about this wonderful plant as cannabis research continues. It’s a fantastic time to use marijuana in Port Moody!


Marijuana Legalization In Port Moody BC

There’s one more important question to answer: Is marijuana legal in Port Moody, BC? Yes, cannabis is legal to use for recreational and medical purposes. All the rules and regulations are outlined in the Cannabis Act of Canada. However, each Province and Territory can have their laws, so you need to know the local rules covering marijuana. You can find more information about Ontario cannabis laws by visiting the government’s marijuana page.


Below is a list of the most relevant laws governing cannabis in Port Moody, BC:

  • The legal age to purchase, possess, consume, and grow cannabis is 19 years.
  • You can use cannabis in private residences, outdoor public areas, designated smoke rooms, residential vehicles, and certain controlled areas.
  • You cannot smoke weed in common indoor areas, enclosed public areas, schools, places where children gather, hospitals, care homes, publicly owned properties, and vehicles in operation.
  • It is legal to possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana or equivalent (1 gram = 5 grams of fresh flowers, 15 grams of edibles, 70 grams of liquid product, 0.25 grams of concentrate, or 1 cannabis seed)
  • Each household can grow up to 4 marijuana plants. However, there are restrictions on attached residences if you are not the homeowner.


For a full breakdown of the rules and regulations governing marijuana use in Port Moody, you can visit the BC government’s cannabis laws page.

Choosing The Best Weed Delivery Or Marijuana Dispensary in Port Moody

It’s vital to do preliminary research when looking for dispensaries, same-day delivery services, or mail-order marijuana in Port Moody. We recommend you look into a shop’s reviews, assortment, prices, and special offers before placing an order. Many dispensaries also provide free shipping and guaranteed delivery, so look for those benefits as well.


BC Weed Delivery can help you locate the best dispensary or marijuana delivery service in Port Moody. Check out our complete list of the city’s most fabulous shops. You can compare prices, options, benefits, promotions, sales, and more. We can even help you find same-day weed delivery if that’s a better option for you!


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