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Black Diamond
Cannabis Flower
AAA | THC 21%
per 1/8 oz
Sour Tangie
Cannabis Flower
AA | THC 19%
per 1/8 oz
Golden Teacher Dried Shrooms
Dried Shrooms
High-grade psilocybin magic mushrooms
per 7 grams
Elephant Hash
Cannabis Concentrates
Fine quality hashish
per 2 grams
Boost Edibles Gummies - Cherry
Weed Gummies
20 pieces | Double Dosage
per 300 mg
CBDYOU Tincture
Original Flavour
per 2000 mg
Master Mind Shroom Chocolate Bar
Shroom Chocolates
Premium psilocybin Funghi Bar
per 1500 mg
Faded Cannabis CO Disposable Vape Pen
Disposable Vapes
Premium THC vapes
per 1 g

Get Kush Store Details

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Name: Get Kush

Business Type: Online Weed Dispensary


Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada

There are currently no reviews. Be the first and leave your review!

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Get Kush Dispensary Review

Get Kush is a well-established and reliable online marijuana dispensary in Canada that offers excellent value to its customers. Their team takes pride in providing the best services possible and ensures customers receive their orders and are taken care of. 

This mail-order weed dispensary is a family-run business with deep roots in the BC cannabis community. It is known for its THC gummies and a vast selection of cannabis flowers. Get Kush also features many other weed edibles, vape products, cannabis extracts, CBD, and shrooms. 

Get Kush offers a chance to mix and match products of your choice for significant discounts and an excellent opportunity to customize your orders to your liking. This is only one of the many ways you can save when shopping at Get Kush.


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  • 5% Off Get Kush Coupon Code: NEW5
  • Two Free Gifts
  • $10 Sign-Up Bonus
  • Weekly Exclusive Promotions
  • Free Shipping Across Canada on Orders $149+
  • Earn Loyalty Points
  • Refer a Friend and Get Store Credit

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