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Blue Diablo
Cannabis Flower
20% THC
per 1/4 oz
Bruce Banner
25% THC
per 1/4 oz
Shatter - Godfather OG
Cannabis Concentrates
Premium Shatter
per 1 gram
Bentley Hash
Cannabis Concentrates
Premium Hashish
per 2 grams
Faded Edibles: THC Tincture
Cannabis Concentrates
All Natural full Spectrum THC Distillate & Organic
per 500 mg
CBD Move Tincture - Mango
Other flavours available
per 1000 mg
Aura Edibles CBD Orange Bombs
Weed Edibles
Top-grade ingredients
per 240mg
Secret Garden Extracts Vape Cartridge
THC: 95.35 W/Terpenes
per 1 gram
Penis Envy Dried Shrooms
Dried Shrooms
Top-grade psilocybin mushrooms
per 1 oz
Dames Gummies
Shroom Gummies
Fruit Shroom Gummies
per 1500 mg
Shroomies - Milk Chocolate Shrooms
Shroom Chocolate
2 x 500mg doses
per 1000 mg

WeedSmart Store Details

WeedSmart Logo

Name: WeedSmart

Business Type: Online Cannabis Dispensary

Website: https://weedsmart.cc/

Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada

Verified by TrustPilot: 4.7/5

BC Weed Delivery Rating: 9/10

Average Customer Rating: 9.5/10 

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WeedSmart Coupon Codes, Deals and Promos


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WeedSmart Dispensary Review

WeedSmart is a highly regarded online marijuana dispensary in Canada that offers a vast collection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, CBD, and magic mushrooms. They are one of the leaders in the online dispensary industry and have built a large and loyal customer base. 

WeedSmart specializes in its cannabis flower selection and offers significant savings on bulk weed in Canada. So save up and take advantage of the fantastic deals when buying cannabis flowers in bulk.

Their sleek website design and user-friendly website make each shopping experience enjoyable. Also, they are always looking for new ways to save, so be sure to check in often. Order now, save huge with product bundles and build your own ounces with our mix-and-match weed option.


WeedSmart Coupon Codes, Deals and Promos:

  • WeedSmart Coupon Code (5% off): WEED5
  • First-time buyers get 3 Grams of House Kush
  • Exciting Weekly Promotions
  • Free Canada-Wide Shipping on Orders Over $99
  • Collect Rewards Points
  • Complimentary GIfts
  • Earn Store Credit With Referrals

–You can also find a range of discounts and WeedSmart promo codes at Your Weed Coupons


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