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WeedList Dispensary Details


Name: Weed List

Business Type: Online Dispensary

Mail Order: Canada-Wide

Website: https://weedlist.org

Email: [email protected]

Business Hours: 24/7 Service

There are currently no reviews. Be the first and leave your review!

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Weed List Dispensary Review

Weed List is a cannabis affiliate website that helps visitors find trusted online dispensaries that offer top-grade marijuana products.

You will find a vast selection of cannabis products from some of the top online dispensaries in Canada. Weed List features products from different online dispensaries, so you don’t just get one dispensary to choose from; you get many. 

This means you will find a much broader product selection than you typically find at your average cannabis dispensary. In addition, now you can conveniently compare products and prices side by side and shop in one central location.

WeedList also offers a broad range of information on all things cannabis! You can check out their informative and interesting articles covering some of the hottest topics in the marijuana community.


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